Welcome, fellow travelers.

You have reached C.L.O.U.D. Headquarters. Please, take off your coat, pull up a chair, and feel free to help yourself to some coffee and pie. Seeing that you have found your way here, you’re probably wondering, ‘what is C.L.O.U.D.?’ The Curious League of Unparalleled Daydreamers is a semi-secret society whose participants, unwillingly, unintentionally or otherwise, have dedicated their entire lives (or a few vital, fleeting moments) to unlikely moments of fantastical human progress. Members of this league have dared to imagine, with seriousness and vigor, things that were deemed impossible, spreading ideas and dreams until they eventually became inevitable realities. We are a diverse group of playwrights and musicians, poets and chefs, comedians and scientists, philosophers, illustrators, engineers, dancers, actors, and artists of all ages.

But, in the most mundane and safe sense, The Curious League of Unparalleled Daydreamers is a blog that celebrates creativity and promotes wonder, run by yours truly. I’m working my hardest to be an illustrator, by way of making images and stories that encourage open-minded individuals to make a habit of questioning the world around us. I have an intense enthusiasm for good picture books and I feel that field in particular is where I can best fulfill my creative obligations to society.

Life, as I see it, is an increasingly complex, confusing mystery that has multiple shifting solutions or perhaps none at all. Either way, we’ve all got to try to understand, explore, and interact with it, using all the spirit we can muster. Where to start? I invite you to join me at C.L.O.U.D. to close your eyes and let your mind wander to a place where playful words and images interact to form new thoughts, questions, and ideas.


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